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unsuitable error 2020 in prepared statement with more than one MYSQL_TIME params
Posted by: simone cecchini
Date: January 24, 2017 03:03AM

I need some help: I am trying to block-insert some data into a table.
I am using a prepared statement to do that.
I made a lot of attempts, so this message might grow a bit...

The prepared statement is:
(id, time_sent, t_stamp, last_maint, coords, sgsm_id, statusData_id, can_bus, checksum_a, checksum_b)
SELECT NULL,?,NULL,?,PointFromText(?),id,?,NULL,?,?
FROM Staz_GSM WHERE serial_num=?

as you can see, I use a SELECT statement to drive the insertion. The parameters which are causing trouble *when put together* are 'time_sent' (MYSQL_TYPE_DATETIME) and 'last_maint' (MYSQL_TYPE_DATE).
I declare both the bound parameters using a MYSQL_TIME struct, as suggested here:

To make a long story short: the insertion works when I include just one of them, ie when I change the statement to include just one of the date-related parameter. It fails with both included, giving the infamous 'Got packet bigger than max_allowed_packet' bytes, error code: 2020, SQLState: HY000.

I googled the problem and have already increased the max_allowed_packet param to 160M; almost surely that is not the problem: I am testing the program with just 20 lines, and none of the other fields is really big enough to cause the problem.

I have already tried and simplified the query to just the select statement, with only those date-related parameter, but got the same error.
When I look at the server code, I can see that the statement is prepared, but the queries are not executed.

I am at a loss here, any hint is appreciated guys.
Can anyone suggest a different way to obtain the same result of the above statement?

ps: for the most curious of you. The first attempt with just one date-related parameter failed with the very same error. Than I reduced the query to a simple SELECT and then it worked, and the server log showed that the statement was prepared first and then executed.
To overcome the problem with the insert, I had to put the date-related parameter first among the bound ones. I think this behaviour is not correct,on the side of the client.

When I added the second date-related parameter, both the full insert and the simple select stopped working (same error).

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unsuitable error 2020 in prepared statement with more than one MYSQL_TIME params
January 24, 2017 03:03AM

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