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query returns unwanted duplicates
Posted by: Aaron D
Date: October 11, 2010 05:00PM

Hi, I have two tables a marketing table and checkout_log table joined with a Left join. I want to display all records between the two tables but if there is a duplicate entry it should only display the duplicate entry that is >= curdate() (below there are multiple pk=7 fk=7 entries that indicate dupicate entries)

SELECT,mkt.owner_1_last_name,chk.expiredate FROM marketing mkt LEFT JOIN checkout_log chk ON = WHERE mkt.owner_1_last_name = 'waller' AND mkt.drop_date = '2009-11-13'

The result I get is:
pk	fk	owner_1_last_name	expiredate
5	5	waller	         2009-05-05
7	7	waller	         2010-11-01
7	7	waller	         2009-05-06
8		waller

Results I want should look like this where waller with an expiredate of 2009-05-06 would be eliminated.

pk	fk	owner_1_last_name	expiredate
5	5	waller	         2009-05-05
7	7	waller	         2010-11-01
8		waller

If I use expiredate >= curdate() in my select query then I only get:
7 7 waller 2010-11-01

How do I change my query to get the proper results?
Thanks for the help!

create and insert statements below

create table `checkout_log` (
`PK` double ,
`FK` double ,
`BOWLASTNAME` varchar (270),
insert into `checkout_log` (`PK`, `FK`, `BOWLASTNAME`, `EXPIREDATE`) values('1','5','waller','2009-05-05');
insert into `checkout_log` (`PK`, `FK`, `BOWLASTNAME`, `EXPIREDATE`) values('2','7','waller','2010-11-01');
insert into `checkout_log` (`PK`, `FK`, `BOWLASTNAME`, `EXPIREDATE`) values('3','7','waller','2009-05-06');

create table `marketing` (
`PK` double ,
`DROP_DATE` date ,
`OWNER_1_LAST_NAME` varchar (450),
`OWNER_1_FIRST_NAME` varchar (450)

insert into `marketing` (`PK`, `DROP_DATE`, `OWNER_1_LAST_NAME`, `OWNER_1_FIRST_NAME`) values('5','2009-11-13','waller','james');
insert into `marketing` (`PK`, `DROP_DATE`, `OWNER_1_LAST_NAME`, `OWNER_1_FIRST_NAME`) values('7','2009-11-13','waller','fred');
insert into `marketing` (`PK`, `DROP_DATE`, `OWNER_1_LAST_NAME`, `OWNER_1_FIRST_NAME`) values('8','2009-11-13','waller','albert');

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query returns unwanted duplicates
October 11, 2010 05:00PM

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