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Deadlock found when trying to get lock
Posted by: Kenan Ozturk ()
Date: April 30, 2005 05:14AM

Hi All,

we have a cluster system which consists of 3 nodes with 2 data nodes and 1 management node. SQL nodes are running on data nodes also.

when we try to update tables we get these errors :

java.sql.SQLException: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; Try restarting transaction message from server: "Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction"

at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.checkErrorPacket (

at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.sendCommand (

at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.sqlQueryDirect (

at com.mysql.jdbc.Connection.execSQL (

at com.mysql.jdbc.PreparedStatement.executeUpdate (

at com.mysql.jdbc.PreparedStatement.executeUpdate (

at com.telenity.util.database.connectionPooling.PreparedStatementWrapper.executeUpdate (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MODatabase.updateMO (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MODatabase.storeMO (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MOLibrary.doSet (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MOLibrary.set (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MOBase.updated (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MOBase.updated (

at com.telenity.canvas.mgmt.ConfigurationBase.updated (

at (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MOBase.commitMOTransaction (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MOBase.set (

at com.telenity.mgmt.MO.set (

at com.telenity.canvas.mgmt.gui.server.MOTreeModel.updateMoInstanceFromFields (

at com.telenity.canvas.mgmt.gui.client.ApplicationMediator.updateMoInstance (

at com.telenity.canvas.mgmt.gui.client.MOInstancePanel.processUpdateEvent (

at com.telenity.canvas.mgmt.gui.client.MOInstancePanel.actionPerformed (

at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed (

at javax.swing.AbstractButton$ForwardActionEvents.actionPerformed (

at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.fireActionPerformed (

at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.setPressed (

at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicButtonListener.mouseReleased (

at java.awt.AWTEventMulticaster.mouseReleased (

at java.awt.AWTEventMulticaster.mouseReleased (

at java.awt.Component.processMouseEvent (

at java.awt.Component.processEvent (

at java.awt.Container.processEvent (

at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl (

at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl (

at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent (

at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.retargetMouseEvent (

at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.processMouseEvent (

at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.dispatchEvent (

at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl (

at java.awt.Window.dispatchEventImpl (

at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent (

at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent (

at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy (

at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy (

at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents (

at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents (

at (

Our version is 4.1.11 max

Will be grateful if anyone can help!


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