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ERROR 1064 , in stored procedure
Posted by: obinna henry
Date: January 27, 2011 04:52AM

hi i have the following stores procedure and each time i try to compile it in workbench, i get the following errors:

ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'v_allocation );


            if done2=1 then

           ' at line 46

SQL Statement:

CREATE PROCEDURE `nysc`.`post_special` ()


declare done int default 0;

declare v_course_code varchar(20);

declare v_course_count varchar(10);

declare v_state_posting varchar(10);

declare v_allocation int default 0;

-- get the number of students per special course

declare cursor_students_percourse cursor for

    select course_code , count(course_code) as course_count from datamain_mst

    where course_code in (select code from special_course_mst)

    group by course_code;
declare continue handler for not found
        set done = 1;

open cursor_students_percourse;


    fetch cursor_students_percourse into v_course_code, v_course_count;    


        declare done2 int default 0;

        declare cursor_state_allocation cursor for
            select state_code, amount, round((amount/100)*v_course_count) as allocation

            from allocation_ratio_mst
            where course_code=v_course_code;

            declare continue handler for not found
                set done2 = 1;
        open cursor_state_allocation;


            fetch cursor_state_allocation into v_state_posting, v_allocation;

            update datamain_mst d set d.state_of_posting=v_state_posting, d.post_status='YES'

            where d.callup_no in (select e.callup_no from datamain_mst e 

                                    where e.post_status is null and 

                                    e.course_code=v_course_code and 

                                    e.state_origin not in 

                                    (select s.code from state_code_mst s

                                    where = (select from state_code_mst p where p.code=v_state_posting)) limit v_allocation );


            if done2=1 then
                leave looptwo;
            end if;    

        end loop looptwo;        

    end block2;

    if  done =1 then
        leave loopone;
    end if;
end loop loopone;

END block1

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ERROR 1064 , in stored procedure
January 27, 2011 04:52AM
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