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Need help with advanced Joins
Posted by: Mathijs Bronneberg
Date: November 01, 2009 04:59PM


Srry about the title. I don't know how to describe the problem in a few words. So here goes:

I'm working on a page that shows me a list of orders from the 'cms_module_concerts_orders'-table.

The 'cms_module_concerts_orders'-table contains a 'customer_id'. This is the 'id' from the 'cms_module_feusers_users'-table.

The 'cms_module_feusers_users'-table 'id' is the 'userid' in the 'cms_module_feusers_users_properties'-table. This table contains all the customer info (name,adres,etc). BUT..the 'cms_module_feusers_users'-table is like this:

id | userid | title | data
1 | 231 | name | John
2 | 231 | age | 24
3 | 231 | gender| man
4 | 232 | name | Pete
5 | 232 | age | 34
6 | 232 | gender| man
(srry about the mark-up)

..get it? The name, age, gender is defined (or something) in an other table, where is states the length and types. This is new for me...(OO style maybe?)

Anyways, what I need is as follows. The order pages that shows me the order, also has to show me who placed the orders. The query so far is as follows, which shows the orders and the id of the customer, but I don't know how the get the other customer data in it:

SELECT,,co.status,co.transaction_id,SUM(cot.number_of_tickets) AS number_of_tickets,SUM(cot.value) AS total_value,co.customer_id
FROM cms_module_concerts_orders co
LEFT JOIN cms_module_concerts_orders_tickets cot ON = cot.order_id
LEFT JOIN cms_module_feusers_users cus ON =
GROUP BY,, co.status, co.transaction_id

I'm not able to change the whole DB setup.

Hopefully I explained everything, and hopefully someone can help me get this problem solved.

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Need help with advanced Joins
November 01, 2009 04:59PM

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