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Re: Pattern matching problem
Posted by: Chad Bourque
Date: September 03, 2010 08:37AM


As promised, here is a stored procedure that will explode those values for you. You may need to tweak it for your tables. This one is based on the following articles table (which you described):

create table Articles
  ID int not null auto_increment primary key,
  `Date` date null,
  Sector varchar(20) null,
  Tickers varchar(255) null,
  Title varchar(20) null,
  Link varchar(20) null,
  Body varchar(20) null

insert into Articles (Tickers) values
  ('A, BC, DEF, GHIJ, KLM'),
  ('NO, PQRS'),

That would represent your current table. Then, a new tickers table would need to be created:

create table Tickers
  ID int not null,
  Ticker varchar(10) not null,
  constraint pk_Tickers
    primary key (ID, Ticker),
  constraint fk_Tickers_Articles
    foreign key (ID)
    references Articles (ID)
    on delete cascade
    on update cascade

Here's the stored procedure that would do the work:

delimiter $$

drop procedure if exists explode $$
create procedure explode
  declare _done int default 0;
  declare _id int;
  declare _tickers varchar(255);
  declare _word varchar(10);
  declare _cursor cursor for select ID, Tickers from Articles where Tickers is not null;
  declare continue handler for not found set _done = 1;

  open _cursor;

  fetch _cursor into _id, _tickers;
  while (_done = 0) do
    while (length(_tickers) > 0) do
      set _word = trim(substring_index(_tickers, ',', 1));
      set _tickers = substring(_tickers, length(_word) + 2);

      if (length(_word) > 0) then
        insert ignore into Tickers (ID, ticker) values (_id, _word);
      end if;
    end while;

    fetch _cursor into _id, _tickers;
  end while;

  close _cursor;
end $$

delimiter ;

You would call it like this:

call explode();

You can look at the new Tickers table to see the data:

mysql> select * from Tickers;
| ID | Ticker |
|  1 | A      |
|  1 | BC     |
|  1 | DEF    |
|  1 | GHIJ   |
|  1 | KLM    |
|  2 | NO     |
|  2 | PQRS   |
|  3 | TUV    |
8 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Now, you can drop the old Tickers column from the Articles table since it is no longer needed:

alter table Articles
  drop Tickers;

You could also drop the explode procedure since this is really a one time deal (and it will not work after you drop the Tickets column from the Articles table):

drop procedure if exists explode;

And there you have it.


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