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Rows to Columns without duplicate rows
Posted by: Jassim Rahma
Date: July 01, 2021 11:20AM


I have the following result:

BusinessID. Activity_Code. Total
11. V 3
11. W 7
22. V 9
22. W 12
33. V 2
33. W 5

but i want to change the result to this:

BusinessID. Activity_V. Activity_W
11. 3 7
22. 9 12
33. 2 5

I tried below code but doesn't work specially with the GROUP BY because if I keep the group then I will have duplicate rows for every buisness ID and if I remove it then it will gove the total for Activity not as per what i want it to be separately (Activity_V and Activity_W)

Kindly help...

SELECT DISTINCT business_activity.business_id, MONTHNAME(business_activity.created_date) as activity_month, YEAR(business_activity.created_date) as activity_year,
business_directory.business_name, activity_category.activity_description,
COUNT(business_activity.business_id) AS total_activity, users.first_name_en AS first_name,
users.last_name_en AS last_name, users.email_address,
COALESCE(COUNT(activity_category.activity_code = 'V'), 0) Activity_V,
COALESCE(COUNT(activity_category.activity_code = 'W'), 0) Activity_W
FROM business_activity
JOIN business_directory on business_directory.business_id = business_activity.business_id
JOIN activity_category ON activity_category.activity_code = business_activity.activity_category
JOIN users ON users.user_id = business_directory.owner_id
WHERE business_directory.business_status = "A"
-- AND YEAR(business_activity.created_date) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 1 MONTH)
-- AND MONTH(business_activity.created_date) = MONTH(CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 1 MONTH)
GROUP BY business_activity.business_id -- business_activity.activity_category
ORDER BY business_activity.business_id;

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Rows to Columns without duplicate rows
July 01, 2021 11:20AM

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