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Re: Easy Database | Undoable for a Newbie
Posted by: Hans-Jürgen Strecker
Date: December 02, 2021 05:27AM

dear Peter,

thank you once more for the information you provided. I think I made some steps forward! may I ask you about your opinion regarding this design?

I made 3 tables,




The first column IDs are always an Auto Increment PK.

In the table examinations the health_insurances_ID is a Foreign Key, so that it is clear that the unique examinations_id has the information about the health insurance.

I therefore have to enter an e.g. ECG 7 times, as I am having 7 health insurances. ID, abbreviation and full name would be the same, but health_insurance_specific_code and health_insurances_id would be different and make the row unique (although the specific code is the same for 4 HIs and two are different) but the Id of the HI makes it unique.

The table prices_per_examination_id has the Foreign Key of the examinations_id, making each examination unique altought there are 7 ECGs, they are all unique because of their examinations_id and different in at least the health_insurances_id

I then added a date range of prices to reflect the different time brackets of the different prices. so I will have to enter each examination ID as often as I have time brackets (in my case 6 times as I have 6 different time brackets for each health insurance).

to be honest that now does not sound very good after summing it up...

at the beginning of this post I wanted to ask one more important question - how and where to enter the data, because this I am missing complete in my brain...

but now I might rethink the design.

would it make sense to make a table with the time brackets?

time brackets

or should I go the way back and make a separate table for each examination in each health insurance AND at each bracket...


thank you for any help/views/opinions

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Re: Easy Database | Undoable for a Newbie
December 02, 2021 05:27AM

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