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Posted by: Lazaro Ruda
Date: October 25, 2008 11:27PM

I am attempting to improve the search functionality on my online photo gallery and I am hoping someone could help me answer a question. I have two tables with the following columns:

TABLE 1 (tbl_keywords):
keyword (this one is indexed)

TABLE 2 (tbl_imgname)

I am attempting to build a full-text search that will order the images based on the number of 'hits' each image gets based on the search term (in this example: "baby turtle"). Here is the query I've come up with:

select tbl_keyword.keyword, tbl_imgname.img_name,
match(tbl_keyword.keyword) against('baby turtle' in boolean mode) as score
from tbl_keyword
left join tbl_imgname
using (id_keyword)
where match(tbl_keyword.keyword) against('baby turtle' in boolean mode)
order by img_name asc

This produces the following result:

baby :: 0101010101010002 :: 1
baby :: 0302180000000051 :: 1
baby :: 0302180000000052 :: 1
turtle :: 0307191204420005 :: 1
baby :: 0307191204420005 :: 1
sea turtle :: 0307191204420005 :: 1
baby :: 0307191207490013 :: 1
turtle :: 0307191207490013 :: 1

My question is: Is there a way to add up the scores for each occurrence of an IMG_NAME (ie. 0307191204420005 would have a score of 3 considering it has three 'hits' on the keywords, 0307191207490013 would have 2, etc.) so I could order them by the total score at the end? Am I going about doing this the right way?

Please excuse me if there is a simple solution to this as I am still very much a newbie with mysql. Your help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

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Full Text Scoring
October 25, 2008 11:27PM

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