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Posted by: Brian Harvey
Date: September 20, 2004 05:44PM

Hope someone can help, this is my first post.

Im getting an out of memory error trying to store large blobs in a mysql database. I think I have tracked the issue down to connector j.

I have code like this to set the blob field with a
InputStream fstream = new FileInputStream("C:\\");
int a = fstream.available();

When the file size gets over 100meg, or 200 meg; I get an out of memory error.
My system has over a gig of memory, and I have the JVM set to 500meg.

My understanding of setting a blob to an inputstream is that this should avoid the
whole (chunk of data) being loaded into memory at once... that the stream would
be read a little at a time.

I have tried several versions of connector j 3.0.11,, and 3.1.4-beta, all give the same out of memory error.

In the source for connector j 3.1.4-beta the error occurs in the method ensureCapacity(int additionalData)

The line of code is: byte[] newBytes = new byte[newLength];

It seems that the entire chunk of memory is being allocated?

Can anyone offer any help?

also this seems to be the same type problem as reported in bug # 1605

Thank You!

final void ensureCapacity(int additionalData) throws SQLException {
if ((this.position + additionalData) > getBufLength()) {
if ((this.position + additionalData) < this.byteBuffer.length) {
// byteBuffer.length is != getBufLength() all of the time
// due to re-using of packets (we don't shrink them)
// If we can, don't re-alloc, just set buffer length
// to size of current buffer
} else {
// Otherwise, re-size, and pad so we can avoid
// allocing again in the near future
int newLength = (int) (this.byteBuffer.length * 1.25);

if (newLength < (this.byteBuffer.length + additionalData)) {
newLength = this.byteBuffer.length
+ (int) (additionalData * 1.25);

if (newLength < this.byteBuffer.length) {
newLength = this.byteBuffer.length + additionalData;

---> byte[] newBytes = new byte[newLength];

System.arraycopy(this.byteBuffer, 0, newBytes, 0,
this.byteBuffer = newBytes;

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Connector J
September 20, 2004 05:44PM

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