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sequel gem and segfault - mysql gem line 343
Posted by: dave lilley
Date: December 14, 2010 03:55AM

hi there,

using 1.8.7 p302 via rubyinstaller

I can connect to a remote MYSQL server fine via mysql - trouble is i'm converting a linux app to windows and I have sequel code embedded throughout my project.

I have 1 script that handles the sql calls below is a sample of what the class initialization method does and the errors generated.

anyone able to help? (prefer to use sequel gem to save LOTS of recoding/debugging).

converting on WINXP virtual machine end OS is going to be W2K pro - win XP systems.

Doesn't seem to matter where i have the line - get_all_acccodes.each{|c| puts c}
it will segfault anyway.

the version of LIBmysql.dll is one I got from
that file is 1.484Kb large and i have another that is like 242Kb this one also segfaults too.

sample code being used...

require 'sequel'
require 'logger'
# require 'mysql'

class Dopen

def initialize(*arg)
@path = "/logs"
@log ="#{@path}DB - info.log")
@log.level = Logger::DEBUG

@log.debug('initialing the DB access!')

if arg[0] == 'local'
#was only used for test via my local server - i want to connect to the remote server only now!
puts 'in remote side'
@db = Sequel.mysql(:host => '', :user => "user", :password => "p/word", :database => "database", :logger => STDOUT ))

# test.each{|r| puts r} <<< 1st errors belong to this line - line 22

get_all_acccodes.each{|c| puts c} <<< 2nd errors belong to this line

# this connection code works fine below!!!
# @db ='', "user", "p/word",'database')
# remote

rescue Sequel::Error
@log.debug("An error occurred\nError code: #{Sequel}\nError message: #{Sequel.to_s}")
@log.debug("DB closed!")
# @db.close if @db


def get_all_acccodes
@log.debug('getting all account codes')
@db[:cust_data].filter(:closed => 0, :contract => 0) # 1 = true account is CLOSED, 0 means it's OPEN

#line below works with mysql direct
# @db.query("select * from cust_data where closed = 0 and contract = 0")


a = 'remote' << allows for quick switching when i was developing locally

*** end of teh script file ****

Now if I change the connect line from Sequel.mysql(...) to Sequel.mysql.connect(...) i get a reference to as per error 3 - No user or password for Dave @ localhost!!!

I'm not conecting to a local host.

I do have Mysql community installed but will need to remove it to gain disk space back, I only did this because originally i couldn't even connect to the remote Mysql server and I thought i might need it locally.

any pointers on what I'm doing wrong?

many thanks for any - all help.


1st errors for simple show version of server being run....

C:\monitoring screen>ruby -rubygems sequel1.rb
in remote side
I, [2010-12-14T22:54:15.335004 #2740] INFO -- : (0.190273s) SET @@wait_timeout
= 2147483
I, [2010-12-14T22:54:15.535292 #2740] INFO -- : (0.200288s) SET SQL_AUTO_IS_NUL
I, [2010-12-14T22:54:15.715552 #2740] INFO -- : (0.180260s) SELECT VERSION()
sequel1.rb:22:in `initialize': undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass (NoMetho
from sequel1.rb:159:in `new'
from sequel1.rb:159

C:\monitoring screen>

2nd error

C:\monitoring screen>ruby -rubygems sequel1.rb
in remote side
I, [2010-12-14T22:55:11.310100 #2776] INFO -- : (0.190273s) SET @@wait_timeout
= 2147483
I, [2010-12-14T22:55:11.500374 #2776] INFO -- : (0.190274s) SET SQL_AUTO_IS_NUL
I, [2010-12-14T22:55:11.710676 #2776] INFO -- : (0.210302s) SELECT * FROM `cust
_data` WHERE ((`closed` = 0) AND (`contract` = 0))
: [BUG] Segmentation fault
ruby 1.8.7 (2010-08-16 patchlevel 302) [i386-mingw32]

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

C:\monitoring screen>

3rd error output...

C:\monitoring screen>ruby -rubygems sequel1.rb
in remote side
:in `real_connect': Access denied for user 'dave'@'localhost' (using password: N
O) (Mysql::Error)
from C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/sequel-3.18.0/lib/sequel/adapters
/mysql.rb:112:in `connect'
from sequel1.rb:20:in `initialize'
from sequel1.rb:160:in `new'
from sequel1.rb:160

C:\monitoring screen>

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sequel gem and segfault - mysql gem line 343
December 14, 2010 03:55AM

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