Storaging a tree structure in a table/database
Posted by: Chris Bassett
Date: February 16, 2018 11:07PM

What is the recommended method of storing a tree structure in a database table?

For example, I have a tree structure like this:

(root level)
+-- Photos
| |
| +- 2016
| | |
| | +- Vacations
| |
| +- 2017
| | |
| | +- Vacations

(and so on)

(this laytout mimics what could be seen in with Windows Explorer in Windows
OS environments with the Folders pane.)

Basically, I want to be able to create sub-tree elements that have the same name (such as Vacations above) but them exist within different folders.

I have thought about a few ways to do this... one is using a table like this:

Table: FolderStructure
item_id bigint (PK)
parent_id bigint
item_name varchar(32)

... and so on...

So basically, the parent_id would be used to reference the parent object (parent_id is just a reference to another item_id in the same table). If an item doesn't have a parent_id specified then that item is assumed
to be a parent/root level element.

The problem with this design I have found is that it doesn't allow a multi-level structures to be created, like in my example above.

I will be storing references to physical files on a machine, in a folder structure. Each file (in the database) will need to be put into a folder of some sort (as files will not be allowed to be stored at the root level--as in, not in a folder--in the design I have come up with), but it could be just one folder deep, or a few folders deep.

This is basically going to be a system for cataloging image files and sorting them into folders.

How can model something that would let me store this structure above with the Photos example where I can have a elements a few levels deep, yet
store it in a database table? Do I need to maybe start looking at XML databases rather than your typical relational database? I am familiar with general database design, but storing data like into a structure in a table is not something I've really dealt with (at least, not with more than one level possible).

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Storaging a tree structure in a table/database
February 16, 2018 11:07PM

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