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Inline result in where clause
Posted by: Constantin Iliescu
Date: February 08, 2011 01:46AM

Hello, forum members!

I have this statement:

oxv_oxarticles_1.oxid as oxid,
(SELECT COUNT(oc2.oxid) FROM oxv_oxobject2category_1 AS oc2 WHERE oc2.oxobjectid = oxv_oxarticles_1.oxid AND oc2.oxcatnid = '66d99fc980354defa3c57fa29d73e049') AS discontinuedCount

FROM oxv_oxobject2category_1 as oc left join oxv_oxarticles_1 ON oxv_oxarticles_1.oxid = oc.oxobjectid

oxv_oxarticles_1.oxactive = 1 and
( oxv_oxarticles_1.oxstockflag != 2 or ( oxv_oxarticles_1.oxstock + oxv_oxarticles_1.oxvarstock ) > 0 )
and IF( oxv_oxarticles_1.oxvarcount = 0, 1, ( select 1 from oxv_oxarticles_1 as art where art.oxparentid=oxv_oxarticles_1.oxid and ( art.oxactive = 1 ) and ( art.oxstockflag != 2 or art.oxstock > 0 ) limit 1 ) )
and oxv_oxarticles_1.oxparentid = '' and oc.oxcatnid = '19je01b2c42882dbec9380169dc6e601'
and discontinuedCount = 0
GROUP BY oc.oxcatnid, oc.oxobjectid ORDER BY oc.oxpos, oc.oxobjectid

Without the 'and discontinuedCount = 0' condition in where clause, this works perfect, but with the condition, I get #1054 - Unknown column 'discontinuedCount' in 'where clause'. I doesn't seem normal to me, as long as, without the condition, the result contains a column called discontinuedCount.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Inline result in where clause
February 08, 2011 01:46AM

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