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Synchronise comparison failure
Posted by: Ken Gillett
Date: June 15, 2019 12:33PM

WB 8.0.16 on MacOS

Simple problem, 3 examples.

Forward Engineer the Model to the Server. Without changing anything, run Synchronise. Not only does it find imaginary differences in some tables, but 2 tables that really could not be simpler, just 2 columns each, the id and a VARCHAR and not connected to anything, but cannot be matched. WB thinks the ones in the Model do not exist on the server, and the ones on the Server have no equivalent in the Model. Utter nonsense as they are both IDENTICAL at both ends.

Another way to try the same thing. drop all tables from the Server and run Synchronise again. Now it correctly determines none of the tables exist on the Server and offers to synch them from Model to Server, which I do. Then immediately run it again. It does not fail to match those simple tables, but finds those same other differences, which are:-

In each of 2 tables I have a single Generated column with the required expression entered. WB thinks the Server has been modifed. The only difference is that the default expression for those generated columns has been created in lower case (in the Model I use upper case for MySQL functions) and a literal space and a period are preceded by utf8mb4, i.e. the charset. This should not be seen as a difference needing to be synchronised and indeed I'm not sure that is the problem as I copied the string back from the server to the Model and ran sync again and got the same differences. But everything else is identical. It HAS to be as WB has only just created it all with the same sync process mere seconds before.

Another difference it finds is in my multi-column foreign key index (see another of my topics). Again the Model and the Server are in fact identical. Exactly the same columns, exactly the same indexes and exactly the same foreign keys, but when comparing the 2, WB insists on thinking that the multi-column foreign key index has been dropped and re-created - EXACTLY THE SAME.

Oh and the 3rd example? Running Database/Compare Schemas produces the same erroneous results.

Whatever the structure of the Model, when WB 'transfers' that to the Server, by whatever method, the Server should now be to all intents and purposes identical and any comparison MUST then report that they are the same. If it fails to do this, there is no other conclusion I can come to other than WB is again simply flawed in this basic functionality.

If anyone can point out quite how I am wrong in this, please do so. Right now I'm thoroughly disappointed with WB. Developed in conjunction with MySQL, by the same developers under the auspices of the great Oracle corporation, quite frankly I expect something better. I might expect these sort of lapses in a piece of shareware from a 'one man band' developer, but Oracle? really?

As I said, if anyone can explain how to synchronise from the Model to the server and for a repeat of that to then recognise that they they are now the same, please do. I'm all ears.

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Synchronise comparison failure
June 15, 2019 12:33PM

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