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Re: import tab delimited file with SET column data
Posted by: Ken Gillett
Date: June 18, 2019 01:38PM

As a workaround, I tried to use LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE, but that simply fails. Subsequent checking of the error message reveals I need to get around the draconian security defaults and set local_infile=1 and secure_file_priv=''. Did that and confirmed those are now the server's settings and - it still fails.

Further research and I discover this is yet ANOTHER WB BUG. This is getting beyond a joke.

A database system absolutely MUST provide 3 things.

• 1. Schema design etc
• 2. Initial data import
• 3. Data querying

So far, WB has failed with 1. as it's repeatedly proven unable to accurately transfer the schema model to the db server. 2. is a disaster as it seems impossible to upload the initial data in any usable manner and 3.? Well it's all gone so badly I've not even got there yet.

Then there's the UI abominations, like trying to cut some selected text from a column definition actually cuts THE ENTIRE TABLE. Not only is that totally against any GUI guidelines (when text is selected, the clipboard is used on that selected text, not some other larger and rather more crucial object), but having then noticed that table had gone missing from the EER Diagram, I attempted to 'Undo' and WB crashed (again), this time having not auto saved since the day before. So I was left trying to remember what I had done since then and try to re-create it.

To say I'm bitterly disappointed in this is putting it mildly. STUPID bugs that are likely trivial to fix, but remain unattended over successive versions, or new ones introduced with those new versions. It's deplorable that Oracle seem to think this is all ok.

Meanwhile, I've spent more time having to track down why WB fails to do what it's supposed to (and discovering it's yet another bug) than I have spent actually creating my current database project itself.

I like MySQL, it's a good RDBMS and seems solid, but WB? A disgrace.

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Re: import tab delimited file with SET column data
June 18, 2019 01:38PM

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