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My SQL do not give me the expected results
Posted by: Craig Smith
Date: November 13, 2020 05:05AM

UPDATE NewGame SET fVal1=0;
Reports that 500 records were affected
This is correct and expected

SELECT f1st1 FROM NewGame;
Selects 500 records
When I Browse NewGame there is clearly a capital letter in each and
every f1st1
This is also correct and expected

But When I then run the following SQL command
It reports that 370 records were affected
and gives me the wrong results

Some times in runs the SQL command twice but not always
I am running the commands in the SQL tab

Why does it report 370 record were affected no matter if it runs once
or twice?
How do I insure the command only runs once?

WHEN f1st1='A' THEN fVal1+144 WHEN f1st1='B' THEN fVal1+25
WHEN f1st1='C' THEN fVal1+151 WHEN f1st1='D' THEN fVal1+43
WHEN f1st1='E' THEN fVal1+0 WHEN f1st1='F' THEN fVal1+112
WHEN f1st1='G' THEN fVal1+138 WHEN f1st1='H' THEN fVal1+156
WHEN f1st1='I' THEN fVal1+167 WHEN f1st1='J' THEN fVal1+167
WHEN f1st1='K' THEN fVal1+134 WHEN f1st1='L' THEN fVal1+190
WHEN f1st1='M' THEN fVal1+126 WHEN f1st1='N' THEN fVal1=80
WHEN f1st1='O' THEN fVal1+42 WHEN f1st1='P' THEN fVal1-9
WHEN f1st1='Q' THEN fVal1+68 WHEN f1st1='R' THEN fVal1+166
WHEN f1st1='S' THEN fVal1-14 WHEN f1st1='T' THEN fVal1+113
WHEN f1st1='U' THEN fVal1+188 WHEN f1st1='V' THEN fVal1+182
WHEN f1st1='W' THEN fVal1+143 WHEN f1st1='X' THEN fVal1+190
WHEN f1st1='Y' THEN fVal1+101 WHEN f1st1='Z' THEN fVal1+175
ELSE fVal1 END);

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My SQL do not give me the expected results
November 13, 2020 05:05AM

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