[Solved]Getting result of query from stored procedure
Posted by: Jordan Bradley
Date: January 20, 2012 04:48PM

I'm using the C connector trying to call a stored procedure and get the result of a query atained.

Stored Procedure:

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `authorize_user`(IN username CHAR (32), IN password CHAR (32))
    DECLARE secret CHAR (16);
    SELECT user_secret INTO secret FROM tah_users WHERE user_name = username;
    SELECT COUNT(user_id) as status FROM tah_users WHERE user_password = MD5(CONCAT(secret, password));

my C function:

char mysql_authorize_user (MYSQL *conn, char *username, char *password)
	int username_len = strlen (username);
	if (username_len == 0 || username_len > 32)
		return 0; // Out of range
	for (int i = 0; i < username_len; i++)
		if (!isalnum (username) && username != '_') // not alphanumeric and not underscores
			return 0; // username contained invalid characters
	char *query = "CALL authorize_user (?, ?)";
	char status;
	MYSQL_STMT *stmt;
	MYSQL_BIND params[2],
	// clear binds
	memset (&params, 0, sizeof (params));
	memset (&result, 0, sizeof (result));
	// init statement
	stmt = mysql_stmt_init(conn);
	// compile statement
	mysql_stmt_prepare(stmt, query, strlen(query));
	// prepare parameters
	params[0].buffer_type = MYSQL_TYPE_STRING;
	params[0].buffer = username;
	params[0].buffer_length = username_len;
	params[0].length = &params[0].buffer_length;
	params[1].buffer_type = MYSQL_TYPE_STRING;
	params[1].buffer = password;
	params[1].buffer_length = strlen (password);
	params[1].length = &params[1].buffer_length;
	// prepare result
	result.buffer_type = MYSQL_TYPE_TINY;
	result.buffer = &status;
	// bind params and results
	mysql_stmt_bind_param (stmt, (MYSQL_BIND *)&params);
	mysql_stmt_bind_result (stmt, (MYSQL_BIND *)&result);
	// execute
	mysql_stmt_execute (stmt);
	mysql_stmt_store_result (stmt);
	mysql_stmt_free_result (stmt);
	mysql_stmt_close (stmt);
	return status;

For some reason, the result struct cannot bind and I don't know why.

Thanks in advance.

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[Solved]Getting result of query from stored procedure
January 20, 2012 04:48PM

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