Re: How to bundle mysql as package in python app
Posted by: David Oliver
Date: April 16, 2023 11:56AM

To bundle MySQL as a package in a Python app, you can use the mysql-connector-python package. Here are the general steps you can follow:

Install the mysql-connector-python package using pip. You can do this by running the following command in your terminal:

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pip install mysql-connector-python
Import the mysql.connector module in your Python script:

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import mysql.connector
Use the mysql.connector.connect() method to create a connection object to the MySQL server:

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cnx = mysql.connector.connect(user='username', password='password',
host='hostname', database='database_name')
Replace the username, password, hostname, and database_name values with the appropriate information for your MySQL server.

You can now use the cnx connection object to interact with the MySQL database, such as executing SQL queries and retrieving results.

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cursor = cnx.cursor()
cursor.execute('SELECT * FROM table_name')
results = cursor.fetchall()
Once you have finished using the MySQL database, be sure to close the connection:

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You can include the mysql-connector-python package in your app's requirements.txt file or file, depending on how you are packaging and distributing your app. This will ensure that users who install your app will have the required dependencies installed.

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Re: How to bundle mysql as package in python app
April 16, 2023 11:56AM

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