Trigger crashing due to invalid json path
Posted by: Nuno Donato
Date: March 09, 2020 06:28AM

Hi folks.
I did a trigger to keep a table updated with a JSON field that stores key-values fetched from a "master" table.
Doing my initial import (insert into t1 from select(... from t2)) it crashes after a while with the message

Invalid JSON path expression. The error is around character position 10.

I'm building my JSON path by concatenating a string and there are no strange characters in the variables names.

Any clues on what I can do to fix/debug this?

here's my trigger

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` TRIGGER `datatable_insert` AFTER INSERT ON `datatable` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN
DECLARE mystr char;
IF exists (SELECT data,inst, eq FROM laravel.datastore WHERE `data`=NEW.`data` and inst=NEW.inst and eq=NEW.eq) THEN
SET @mystr = CONCAT("$.",NEW.var);
UPDATE laravel.datastore SET var=JSON_SET(var,@mystr,NEW.val) WHERE `data` and inst=NEW.inst and eq=NEW.eq;
INSERT INTO laravel.datastore (data,inst,eq,var) VALUES (,NEW.inst,NEW.eq,JSON_OBJECT(NEW.var,NEW.val));

thanks in advance

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Trigger crashing due to invalid json path
March 09, 2020 06:28AM

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