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max_open_files error
Posted by: mysql
Date: August 15, 2006 03:53PM

I have 4 mysql servers running the same OS (centos 4.2) and the same mysql version (5.0.24). However, 1 server gives the following warning:
Changed limits: max_open_files: 1024 max_connections: 1014 table_cache: 64
and will not have more than 1014 max connections. Is this a bug or a linux issue? I need more connections for this server.

The only difference, this server is running selinux, whereas the other are not. The my.cnf is getting read in and all other features and functions appear to be working fine.

I was also getting the same issue when running MySQL ver 4.2.

Any direction would be appreciated.

This conf file works fine on the other servers:

key_buffer = 256M
max_allowed_packet = 8M
table_cache = 256
sort_buffer_size = 1M
read_buffer_size = 1M
myisam_sort_buffer_size = 64M
thread_cache = 8
query_cache_size= 16M
# Try number of CPU's*2 for thread_concurrency
thread_concurrency = 8
max_connections = 2500

server-id = 323
master-host =
master-user = ***
master-password = ***



Is this the right post for discussing such an issue?


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max_open_files error
August 15, 2006 03:53PM
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