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Large Table structure recommendations
Posted by: Michael Cook
Date: February 20, 2020 08:39AM

Hey all, I was hoping for some advice on how best to structure (and possibly index) a fairly large table I've been trying to build.

The data I wish to store is quite simple:
Basically, it is an hourly forecast published ~185 times for a particular date with 88 integer values. In other words, for any given day, there will be 24 * 88 = 2112 integers reported, and that report will be revised ~185 times, for a total of ~391k values per day.

By and large, I would be selecting the latest hourly value for a set of dates for a subset of the 88 parameters.

As it stands now, I have the table laid out as follows:
CREATE TABLE `datatable` (
  `field` enum('param1' ... 'param88') NOT NULL,
  `value` mediumint(9) DEFAULT NULL,
  `hour` tinyint(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
  `date` date NOT NULL,
  `published` datetime NOT NULL

Also, as of right now I have the following indices defined:
ALTER TABLE `datatable`
  ADD UNIQUE KEY `ukey` (`field`,`hour`,`date`,`published`) USING BTREE,
  ADD KEY `field` (`field`,`date`),
  ADD KEY `ptsidx` (`published`);

I don't know that that makes perfect sense, but my logic was that I would generally be selecting on a particular field, date and publish time (akin to version)

For my most common query, I'm using something like this:
	AVG(IF(field='param5',value,NULL)) param5,
	AVG(IF(field='param6',value,NULL)) param6,
	AVG(IF(field='param7',value,NULL)) param7,
	AVG(IF(field='param8',value,NULL)) param8,
	AVG(IF(field='param9',value,NULL)) param9,
	AVG(IF(field='param10',value,NULL)) param10,
	AVG(IF(field='param11',value,NULL)) param11
		SELECT hour hour2, date date2, MAX(published) published2
		FROM datatable
			    field  = 'param5' 
			AND date  >= CURDATE() 
		GROUP BY date, hour
	) sq
	    date = date2 
	AND hour = hour2 
	AND published = published2
	    field IN ('param5','param6','param7','param8','param9','param10','param11') 
	AND date >= CURDATE()

However, that generally takes ~20-25s to run, so I'm hoping to cut it down if possible.

I'm currently using 5.7.10, but will be switching to 8.0.19, which I expect will yield improvements, but I'd rather improve through better structure and queries than updated software...

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

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Large Table structure recommendations
February 20, 2020 08:39AM

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