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Can't connect to a MySQL databasde wile on the internet
Posted by: Timothy Lowell
Date: October 03, 2022 08:35AM

My company has developed a software application that uses MySQL as the database engine. Up to version 5.7 of MySQL, we have been able to easily install and use MySQL on our corporate laptops, even though these laptops have all the usual security, malware, ant-virus, and net monitoring software you would normally see in a corporate environment.

With MySQL v5.7, though, we are seeing two very odd things happening, which appear to be related. First, it is impossible to configure MySQL v5.7 on a corporate laptop while that laptop is connected to the internet. You can install it OK, but it cannot complete the configuration step. We are using mysql-installer-commercial- to do the install/configure process. It always fails at the point where you have to write to my.ini, which is the very first configuration step.

Secondly, if you disconnect the laptop from the internet and retry the install after unistalling, it works fine. It goes all the way to the end with no errors and you can connect to the schema with Workbench and so forth. Our application which sits on top of MySQL also works fine with no errors. However, as soon as we re-connect to the internet, our application is unable to connect to the schema it needs to connect to on MySQL. You can still connect to that database and manipulate all the schema any way you want using Workbench, but our application doesn't allow any connections.

I set up MySQL to do a general log, and when you are disconnected from the internet and start our application, you get this:

Connect <username>@localhost on <schema> using TCP/IP

But when you are connected to the internet, you get:

Connect <username>@<laptopname.FQDM> on mysql using TCP/IP

So, in the first instance, with no internet connected, is does what every other version of MySQL has always done, which is to connect <username>@locahost to the default schema that we have configured.

In the second instance, when connected to the internet, it fills in the laptop name along with the fully qualified domain name of the laptop, and connects to the mysql schema. None of this is what we have configured this user to do. We want it to connect <username>@localhost to a specific schema. It just goes off and connects however it wants! I don't understand this behavior.

Is there a setting somewhere that will force MySQL to connect exactly how we want it to connect to MySQL, when we are connected to the internet, and not fill in the laptop name and FQDM and connect to the mysql schema for some reason?

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Can't connect to a MySQL databasde wile on the internet
October 03, 2022 08:35AM

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