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Performance issues - 99% CPU
Posted by: Archie Roboostoff
Date: January 17, 2005 08:06PM

So here's the situation. I have a tomcat/java web app that is currently serving about 3,000 users a day. It's not a huge site but it's not the smallest. We were on a hosting platform and everything was going well. We then got migrated and now we are locking up the mysqld all the time. 99% cpu is constant on the server. We haven't changed any queries or anything to the site prior to the move so it has to be a config issue with the server (I think). So what happens is this...

we fire up mysqld....all looks good...
we then fire up tomcat and the java process hangs at 99% cpu for about 15 seconds and then stabilizes, then we fire up httpd.

At the first query mysqld jumps to around 45% and drops, then it starts to climb until it tops at 99%. The site will continue to run for a few hours at 99% but then it will lock up and my connections will start to dump. Here is my.cnf

port = 3306
set-variable = key_buffer=16M
set-variable = max_allowed_packet=1M
set-variable = thread_stack=128K
set-variable = table_cache=64
set-variable = sort_buffer=512K
set-variable = net_buffer_length=8K
set-variable = max_connections=100
server-id = 1
log-slow-queries = /var/log/mysqld.slow.log

Any suggestions?


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Performance issues - 99% CPU
January 17, 2005 08:06PM
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