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Re: MySQL 5.6 Maximum Database instance
Posted by: Peter Brawley
Date: June 07, 2019 07:42PM

A maximum limit of what? Database size? that's usually an OS issue. Performance? It's hard to reach the ceiling, but it's easy to misconfigure a MySQL instance.

Let's start with you posting what the mysql server error log writes for a recent restart that failed.

RAM settings need to be tailored to load & resources. What is innodb_buffer_pool_size? How much RAM does the machine have, how much is used by other processes?

Then please ...

(i) post the result of ...

select engine,data,indexes,total
from (
    ifnull(engine,'TOTALS') as engine, 
    concat(data,' GB') as data, 
    concat(indexes,' GB') as indexes, 
    concat(tot,' GB') as total,
    if(engine is null,-1,tot) as ord
  from (
      round( sum(data_length)/1024/1024/1024, 2 ) as data,  
      round( sum(index_length)/1024/1024/1024, 2 ) as indexes,  
      round( sum(data_length+index_length)/1024/1024/1024, 2 ) as tot
    from information_schema.tables
    where engine is not null and engine not in('information_schema','performance_schema')
    group by engine with rollup
  ) sums
) list
order by list.ord desc;

(ii) post the results of running these queries in the mysql client program ...

show variables;

show global status;

(iii) if this is Linux, post the result of ...

free -m

If it's windows, use the Performance Monitor to inspect swap file use, and post what you find.

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Re: MySQL 5.6 Maximum Database instance
June 07, 2019 07:42PM

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