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LOCK TABL errors with mysqldump (explicit socket file)
Posted by: Tim Johnson
Date: November 05, 2012 06:15PM

Using mysql 5.5.21 on Mac OSX 10.7
I'm attempting to backup a drupal database using mysqldump.
In my case drupal uses a separate datadir, socket file and option file,
and it's own mysql listening on port 3307.
I can access the drupal database from the command line using
mysql -hlocalhost -uroot -psecret -P3307 -S/Applications/drupal-7.15-0/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock
However, when I attempt to dump the drupal databases, I get errors. The
following console session attempts to dump each database separately :
linus:prj tim$ mysqldump -hlocalhost -uroot -psecret -P3307 -S/Applications/drupal-7.15-0/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock test >drupal-test.sql
linus:prj tim$ mysqldump -hlocalhost -uroot -psecret -P3307 -S/Applications/drupal-7.15-0/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock information_schema >drupal-information_schema.sql
mysqldump: Got error: 1044: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' to database 'information_schema' when using LOCK TABLES
linus:prj tim$ mysqldump -hlocalhost -uroot -psecret -P3307 -S/Applications/drupal-7.15-0/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock bitnami_drupal7 >drupal-bitnami_drupal7.sql
linus:prj tim$ mysqldump -hlocalhost -uroot -psecret -P3307 -S/Applications/drupal-7.15-0/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock mysql >drupal-mysql.sql
linus:prj tim$ mysqldump -hlocalhost -uroot -psecret -P3307 -S/Applications/drupal-7.15-0/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock performance_schema >drupal-performance_schema.sql
mysqldump: Got error: 1142: SELECT,LOCK TABL command denied to user 'root'@'localhost' for table 'cond_instances' when using LOCK TABLES
So, I don't understand the error messages. What do I need to do to
effect this dump successfully?

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LOCK TABL errors with mysqldump (explicit socket file)
November 05, 2012 06:15PM

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