Re: PreparedStatement performance issues
Posted by: Ledion B
Date: May 06, 2005 11:47PM

Mark Matthews wrote:

> The prepared statement code in the server is our
> first "cut" at implementing prepared statements.
> As such, it doesn't cache execution plans, so as
> you've seen in some cases it's no quicker than
> normal statements (and is sometimes slower).

Well, correct me if I am wrong. For a prepared statement all query parsing and verification is done only once, (is this part of the execution plan ?) given this using prepared statement should be a bit faster than using statement. Is query parsing and verification a step where one could gain performance?

> Where it has performance wins is when you 1) Have
> a _lot_ of static data (read a few KB) compared to
> your parameters, or you have a lot of
> numeric/datetime parameters and/or columns
> returned.
> I'm not sure you're going to see a lot of
> difference over 10000 executions on a single
> thread either. Where the performance differences
> really come into play the most is on highly loaded
> networks or with complex result sets with many
> columns.

I am not planning on using the PreparedStatement on a single thread, I just thought that would be a good way to test its performance. Maybe I should try a multithreaded "attack"

> Also, Server-side prepared statements are not able
> to take advantage of the query cache built into
> the server, so if you have any reads that repeat,
> those will end up being quite a bit quicker in
> some cases if the table is read-only.

I was just about to write about this, than when query caching is enabled the preparedstatement performs much worse than the statement. This brings me int a suggestion as to where is the cache being looked up. Does the cache simply maps a query string to result set before it is being parsed or right before the execution planning starts? I think the latter is more correct and would make cache available to prepared statements too.

> -Mark


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Re: PreparedStatement performance issues
May 06, 2005 11:47PM

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