Re: registerDriver()
Posted by: Mark Matthews
Date: May 10, 2005 01:30PM

Sean Breslin wrote:
> It's an assignment for a database programming
> course. We are required to use Java and to
> interface with a database. The project happens to
> be an auction system. We are allowed to use HTML
> & Javascript as well, but I don't know
> Javascript at all & most of the work must be
> done in Java anyway. I've made a GUI in swing.
> The option exists to use a Sybase database
> provided by the university, and my partner on this
> project has been actively looking for where he put
> the little 2"x2" piece of paper that says the
> logon info for it. We figure that since we have
> two options, each of us will work on one and once
> either of us is successful, we will begin adding
> the actual SQL queries (The only part of all of
> this they actually taught in the course).
> It's a relatively small database, with only 9
> tables and not many entries to start off with.
> We're not graded on speed, so lag wouldn't a
> problem if introduced by any step, but we must be
> able to present the system in a 1/2 hour window of
> time.
> All we actually learned in the course was some
> relational algebra and SQL queries. This is the
> only coding project and the professor has been
> skipping his office hours.
> Presentation time: tomorrow at 3:30PM EST
> (He just assigned this about 2 weeks ago. We have
> our GUI & SQL queries all ready to go as soon
> as we're connected to a database.)

You're going to have to use the hostname of the _webserver_ that the HTML and .class files are served from if you're going to make this work. Unfortunately, if that's not the same machine that the database is on, I'm afraid you're not going to be able to make it work.


Mark Matthews
Consulting Member Technical Staff - MySQL Enterprise Tools

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