Getting Connected for the First Time
Posted by: Rob Pete
Date: May 16, 2005 06:43PM

Hello everyone. I am trying to make my first database connection to a mysql database with Java. I am using jdk 1.5.0, MySQL 4.1.11 nt, and I think I have the freshly downloaded driver C:\jdk1.5.0\jre\lib\ext\mysql-connector-java-3.0.16-ga-bin.jar" installed in the right spot. When I try to run the following code...

package dbfinder;

import java.sql.*;
import javax.sql.*;
import com.sun.rowset.JdbcRowSetImpl;
import javax.sql.rowset.JdbcRowSet;
import java.sql.ResultSetMetaData;

* <p>Title: </p>
* <p>Description: </p>
* <p>Copyright: Copyright (c) 2005</p>
* <p>Company: </p>
* @author not attributable
* @version 1.0
public class DatabaseConnector {
public DatabaseConnector() {


public static void main(String args[]){
Connection connection;
Statement statement;
// ResultSet resultSet;
// ResultSetMetaData metaData;
String DATABASE_DRIVER = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver";
String DATABASE_URL = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/state_crime";
String USER = "cis695d";
String PASSWORD = "cis695d";
JdbcRowSet rowSet = new JdbcRowSetImpl();
try {
Class.forName(DATABASE_DRIVER); // load database driver
System.out.println("class loaded");
rowSet.setCommand("Select * FROM state_crime_rates");

ResultSetMetaData metaData = rowSet.getMetaData();
int numberOfColumns;
numberOfColumns = metaData.getColumnCount();

} catch(SQLException sqlException){
catch(ClassNotFoundException classNotFound){


I get the following exception...

java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at com.sun.rowset.JdbcRowSetImpl.connect(
at com.sun.rowset.JdbcRowSetImpl.prepare(
at com.sun.rowset.JdbcRowSetImpl.execute(
at dbfinder.DatabaseConnector.main(

Does anyone have any ideas? Is it my code? Is there a different driver I should use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Getting Connected for the First Time
May 16, 2005 06:43PM

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