Re: preparedStatement.getGeneratedKeys() exception.
Posted by: Mark Matthews
Date: November 05, 2004 03:57PM

> I am not trying to update a row, I am trying to insert a row and get the auto-gen-key back for the
> newly inserted row via getGeneratedKeys() after the pstmt.execute() is called.
> In this case I inserted a new row for dp_objtype and expect to get the objtypeid back in the ResultSet of
> getGeneratedKeys().

Yes, but then you're doing this (according to your prior posts), so I'm confused. You're treating something that obviously isn't an updatable result set like it is:

resultSet = pstmt.getGeneratedKeys();
if (resultSet != null &&
newid = resultSet.getInt(1);
resultSet.updateInt(1, newid+1);
This result set is not updatable, why are you trying to call updateInt() on it????????

> Maybe my question is not to expect to use the updateable resultset, but why did pstmt.execute()
> expect an updateable resultset when the Connection.preparedStatement(string, return_auto_genkey) is used.

It _doesn't_...Your code is calling ResultSet.updateInt(), which is only valid for updatable result sets. Result sets returned from getGeneratedKeys() are _never_ updatable.

> When I use pstmt returned from Connection.preparedStatement(string), things work;
> but I cannot get the generated key.

That's to be expected, since you didn't tell the driver you wanted them :)

Explain why you want to call ResultSet.updateInt(), and maybe we'll get this figured out, but it appears you think ResultSet.updateInt() is going to do something with a generated key, but I'm still trying to figure out what you believe that 'something' is :(


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