Profiling / recording query timing data with QueryInterceptor
Posted by: Johnathan Crawford
Date: October 08, 2019 12:48AM

Hey all,

I am working on rewriting our statement interceptor that logs executed statements into circular memory buffer against MySQL Connector 8.x.

I would need to know the creation time of the query object when passed into the postProcess method or be able to inject some information via a context object available in a pre* method.

Currently I am using a ThreadLocal object to store a unix timestamp however this feels like a hack.

There don't seem to be a great deal of examples on how to use QueryInterceptor , is there something I have overlooked?



private final ThreadLocal<Long> timeLocal = new ThreadLocal<>();

public <T extends Resultset> T preProcess(Supplier<String> supplier, Query query) {
return null; // don't allow result set substitution

public <T extends Resultset> T postProcess(Supplier<String> supplier, Query query, T t, ServerSession serverSession) {
final Long timeMillis = timeLocal.get();
if (timeMillis == null) {
return null;
final String sql = supplier.get();
if (sql == null || sql.startsWith("SET autocommit=")) {
return null; // don't allow result set substitution
getLogCollectorForSchema(schema).addEntry(sql, ( - timeMillis));
return null; // don't allow result set substitution

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