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Do you need to go to school to become
Posted by: king young
Date: August 05, 2014 12:39AM

So I'm 20 credits from my A.A. and I'm I'll be going on to my B.S. and my major is computer science. My counselor told me not to take any programming classes until I start on my B.S. and her reason was basically was I'll be charged more for knowing everything. But I went and toke program design and intro to Java, and now I want to learn JavaScript because I feel like I would be able to get a job easier. SO what I want to know is could I learn JavaScript on my own and after I feel like I understand it completely put it on my resume start looking for a job while still working on my A.A. or do you think most employers want to know you learned how to program from a school.

Now I know JavaScript is a popular Language and I was looking up what's in demand and JavaScript, c++, java, .net was some of them for my area now do you think one should go with what's in demand like JavaScript or should they learn something like Erlang, php and ruby. Which just happens to make a lot more money but isn't in demand. One of the reasons why I ask is because my girlfriend majored in computer science and hot her masters, she got her current job because she learn how to use a program that works with warehouse databases which she learned from tutorials and youtube but I guess this knowledge isn't common to know and basically she went against the demand without evening knowing and lucked out.

I don't even think my school teaches Erlang.

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Do you need to go to school to become
August 05, 2014 12:39AM

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