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how can I connect multiple select queries via UNION ALL.
Posted by: Kiumars Jahandel
Date: June 28, 2020 11:42PM

I have more than 61 joins in SELECT-query, so I split into 3 SELECT and tried to connect to UNION ALL.
I want to connect 2 SELECT queries to UNION ALL, but it doesn't work.
are there any alternatives?

exports.getAllMessagesForListId = function(req, res) {

let list_id = req.body.list_id;

let sqlData = `
SELECT AS id, m.user_id AS user_id, m.receiver_id AS receiver_id, m.requested_for_id AS requested_for_id, m.assigned_id AS assigned_id,
m.opened_by_id AS opened_by_id,m.room_number AS room_number, m.contact_number AS contact_number, m.inventory_number AS inventory_number, m.datetime AS datetime,
(SELECT COUNT(id) FROM message WHERE list_id = m.list_id) AS messageCount, m.last_message_count AS last_message_count,
m.subject AS subject,m.message AS message, m.work_message AS work_message, m.reason_message AS reason_message, m.open_again_reason_message AS open_again_reason_message, m.todo AS todo,
m.is_request AS is_request, m.is_new AS is_new, m.done AS done, m.importance_id AS importance_id,
m.sla_message_response_in_hour AS sla_message_response_in_hour, m.sla_job_done_in_day AS sla_job_done_in_day,
FLOOR(HOUR(TIMEDIFF(m.created, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP())) / 24) AS day, m.created As messageCreated, m.updated AS messageUpdated,
ud.external_company AS external_company, AS country, AS city, ud.post_code AS post_code, ud.street_and_house_number AS street_and_house_number,
ud.floor AS floor, AS room, ud.table_number AS table_number, ud.department AS department, ud.phone_number AS phone_number,
ud.company_card_number AS company_card_number, ud.cost_centre AS cost_centre, ud.position AS position, ud.about_user AS about_user,
ud.created AS user_details_created, ud.updated AS user_details_updated,
(SELECT image FROM images WHERE user_id = m.user_id) AS imageItem,
mreq.number AS request_number,
minc.number AS incident_number,
mpro.number AS problem_number,
mtas.number AS task_number, AS group_id, AS group_name, AS assigned_group_name, AS location_id, AS location_name, AS location_id, AS location_name, AS service_category_id, AS service_category_name, AS category_id, AS category_name, AS application_id, AS application_name, AS database_server_id, AS database_server_name, AS end_user_asset_id, AS end_user_asset_name, AS network_id, AS network_name, AS peripheral_system_id, AS peripheral_system_name, AS server_id, AS server_name, AS is_resolved_id, AS is_resolved_name, isr.icon AS is_resolved_icon, isr.color AS is_resolved_color, AS impact_id, AS impact_name, AS contact_type_id, AS contact_type_name, AS priority_id, AS priority_name, AS priority_problem_id, AS priority_problem_name, AS urgency_id, urgency_name, AS source_id, AS source_name, AS image_id, AS name, im.image AS image, im.size AS size, im.created AS image_created, AS company, u.firstname AS firstname, u.lastname AS lastname, AS email, u.role AS role, u.color AS color,
u.created AS user_created, u.updated AS user_updated, AS requested_for_email, CONCAT(ur.firstname, " ", ur.lastname) AS requested_for, AS requested_for_company, AS opened_by_email, CONCAT(uo.firstname, " ", uo.lastname) AS opened_by, AS opened_by_company, AS receiver_email, CONCAT(ure.firstname, " ", ure.lastname) AS receiver_member, AS receiver_company, AS assigned_email, CONCAT(uas.firstname, " ", uas.lastname) AS assigned_member, AS assigned_company
FROM message AS m
ON = m.user_id
LEFT JOIN user AS ure
ON = m.receiver_id
LEFT JOIN user_details AS ud
ON ud.user_id = m.user_id
LEFT JOIN images AS im
ON = m.image_id
LEFT JOIN user AS ur
ON = m.requested_for_id
LEFT JOIN user AS uo
ON = m.opened_by_id
LEFT JOIN user AS uas
ON = m.assigned_id
LEFT JOIN user_locations AS usl
ON usl.user_id = m.user_id
LEFT JOIN message_requests AS mreq
ON mreq.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN message_incidents AS minc
ON minc.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN message_problems AS mpro
ON mpro.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN message_tasks AS mtas
ON mtas.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN locations AS l
ON = usl.location_id
LEFT JOIN message_locations AS msl
ON msl.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN locations AS lo
ON = msl.location_id
LEFT JOIN user_groups AS usg
ON usg.user_id =
LEFT JOIN groups AS gr
ON = usg.group_id
LEFT JOIN user_groups AS usga
ON usga.user_id = m.assigned_id
LEFT JOIN groups AS gra
ON = usga.group_id
LEFT JOIN message_service_category AS mser
ON mser.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN service_category AS ser
ON = mser.service_category_id
LEFT JOIN message_category AS mca
ON mca.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN category AS cat
ON = mca.category_id
LEFT JOIN category_application AS capl
ON capl.list_id = mca.list_id
LEFT JOIN category_database_server AS cdas
ON cdas.list_id = mca.list_id
LEFT JOIN category_end_user_asset AS cnua
ON cnua.list_id = mca.list_id
LEFT JOIN category_network AS cane
ON cane.list_id = mca.list_id
LEFT JOIN category_peripheral_system AS cpri
ON cpri.list_id = mca.list_id
LEFT JOIN category_server AS cerv
ON cerv.list_id = mca.list_id
LEFT JOIN application AS apl
ON = capl.application_id
LEFT JOIN database_server AS das
ON = cdas.database_server_id
LEFT JOIN end_user_asset AS enua
ON = cnua.end_user_asset_id
LEFT JOIN network AS netw
ON = cane.network_id
LEFT JOIN peripheral_system AS peri
ON = cpri.peripheral_system_id
LEFT JOIN server AS serv
ON = cerv.server_id
LEFT JOIN message_impact AS mimp
ON mimp.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN impact AS imp
ON = mimp.impact_id
LEFT JOIN message_contact_types AS mctp
ON mctp.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN contact_types AS ctps
ON = mctp.contact_type_id
LEFT JOIN message_priority AS mspr
ON mspr.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN priority AS pri
ON = mspr.priority_id
LEFT JOIN message_priority_problem AS mprp
ON mprp.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN priority_problem AS prop
ON = mprp.priority_problem_id
LEFT JOIN message_is_resolved AS misr
ON misr.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN is_resolved AS isr
ON = misr.is_resolved_id
LEFT JOIN message_urgency AS meur
ON meur.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN urgency AS urg
ON = meur.urgency_id
LEFT JOIN message_sources AS meso
ON meso.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN sources AS sor
ON = meso.source_id
(SELECT AS id, AS message_group_id, AS message_group_name, AS service_id, AS service_name, AS set_state_id, AS set_state_name, sets.color AS set_state_color, sets.icon AS set_state_icon, AS set_sub_state_id, AS set_sub_state_name, AS waiting_id, AS waiting_name
FROM message AS m
LEFT JOIN message_groups AS msg
ON msg.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN groups AS gro
ON = msg.group_id
LEFT JOIN message_services AS mese
ON mese.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN services AS sers
ON = mese.service_id
LEFT JOIN message_set_state AS mess
ON mess.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN set_state AS sets
ON = mess.set_state_id
LEFT JOIN message_set_sub_state AS msss
ON msss.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN set_sub_state AS ses
ON = msss.set_sub_state_id
LEFT JOIN message_waiting AS mwai
ON mwai.list_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN waiting AS wai
ON = mwai.waiting_id
WHERE m.list_id = ?)
(SELECT AS id, AS message_last_group_name, AS message_last_service_name, AS message_last_set_state_name, AS message_last_set_sub_state_name, AS message_waiting_name
FROM message AS m
LEFT JOIN message_groups AS msgm
ON msgm.message_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN groups AS grou
ON = msgm.last_group_id
LEFT JOIN message_services AS msgs
ON msgs.message_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN services AS serm
ON = msgs.last_service_id
LEFT JOIN message_set_state AS msge
ON msge.message_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN set_state AS sest
ON = msge.last_set_state_id
LEFT JOIN message_set_sub_state AS mtgs
ON mtgs.message_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN set_sub_state AS setm
ON = mtgs.last_set_sub_state_id
LEFT JOIN message_waiting AS mwgs
ON mwgs.message_id = m.list_id
LEFT JOIN waiting AS waim
ON = mwgs.last_waiting_id
WHERE m.list_id = ?)
WHERE m.list_id = ? ORDER BY ASC;



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how can I connect multiple select queries via UNION ALL.
June 28, 2020 11:42PM

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