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Escaping input values, bind params (DBI)
Posted by: Robert Waters
Date: January 17, 2009 05:26PM

I have a perl script that takes data from an OCR'd file and inserts it into a LONGTEXT field in a MyISAM table (with a FULLTEXT index).
I need to make sure that I am escaping the data from these files properly.
Previously, I had been using code like this:
open FH, "<file";
binmode FH;
$string = join("", <FH>);
$string =~ s/\\/\\\\/g ; # backslashes (we escape this first)
$string =~ s/\0//g; # An ASCII 0 (NUL) character.
$string =~ s/\'/\\\'/g; # single quotes
$string =~ s/\"/\\\"/g; # double quotes
$string =~ s/\b/\\b/g; # backspace
$string =~ s/\n/\\n/g; # newline
$string =~ s/\r/\\r/g; # carriage return
$string =~ s/\t/\\t/g; # tab

It worked, as far as I could tell.

However, I was just reading up on DBI and found that if you bind data to a parameter in a prepared query, then you do not need to escape any of that data.
"The database driver will escape the parameters correctly in the bind_param() method"
This *seems* to work. Unfortunately I am dealing with massive quantities of data and cannot check everything, so I would like to ask if anyone on this forum has similar experience, and if so, what did you do?

Thanks for your help!
Robert Waters

Note that there is a quasi-cross-post on the Newbie forum, but there I am asking a non-perl related question. Please no flames.

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Escaping input values, bind params (DBI)
January 17, 2009 05:26PM

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