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Data gets preloaded upon $sth->execute?
Posted by: Dmitry Nikiforov
Date: December 01, 2011 04:34PM


I've been working with both DBD::Oracle and DBD::mysql from my perl scripts, and noticed an odd difference between how they operate. Consider this:

my $oracle = DBI->connect( @oracle_params ) or die $DBI::errstr;
my $mysql = DBI->connect( @mysql_params ) or die $DBI::errstr;

my $query = "select * from table1";

my $sthO = $oracle->prepare( $query );
my $sthM = $mysql->prepare( $query );

Everything is simple so far. But now we do "$sthO->execute()" and then "$sthM->execute()". And this is where the weirdness begins: $sthO->execute returns immediately, while $sthM->execute takes a very long time and a lot of memory. It seems that with MySQL, the query is executed and its results are transferred from the mysql server to the script even before I start fetching the data, while with Oracle no data gets sent until I actually start fetching it with something like "while( my $row = $sthO->fetchrow_arrayref() ) {}".

Can anybody tell my _why_ MySQL sends the results in their entirety? Is there a way to prevent that from happening, and only return rows as I request them?

Regards - D.

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Data gets preloaded upon $sth->execute?
December 01, 2011 04:34PM

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