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Re: Query with overall date range and start/end time ranges
Posted by: Rational Rabbit
Date: April 26, 2012 08:10PM

Thanks for the input, Rick.

yeah, I know. And I really should have had more information before throwing the question out there. I had assumed I would be pulling from a MySQL database when, as it turned out, the data is coming from an AS400, (the MySQL db comes in later) and I have no control over the originating database structure, so I'm stuck with the separate date and time fields and no way that I know to formulate an iSeries query to combine them.

I was also given erroneous information on the times - rather than ranges, there is simply a start time and end time. (StartTime on the Start Date, EndTime on the End Date)

That still left me with a problem. What I ended up doing is pulling the data according to the date range, then simply excluding anything not in the time range while iterating through the loop.

$DateString = " AND PDATE >= '$SDate' AND PDATE <= '$EDate'";
$OrderField = $Sdate != $EDate ? "PDATE" : "PTIME";
$Q = "SELECT * FROM {ASA400 Table} WHERE PUNIT = '$_POST[PUnit]'".$DateString." ORDER BY ".$OrderField;
$Result = i5_query($Q,$i5_conn);
Then, in the loop:
while($L = i5_fetch_array($Result))
   if(($L[PDATE] == $SDate && $L[PTIME] < $StartTime) || ($L[PDATE] == $EDate && $L[PTIME] > $EndTime))
      continue; // In PHP this goes to top of loop
    -- Remainder of loop code here -- 

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