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Re: PHP/MySQL Reading Database Field Help!
Posted by: Raymond Jender
Date: July 23, 2019 12:06PM

Peter Brawley Wrote:
> DId you add a line to see if the query returns any
> rows? What's the result of mysqli_num_rows($conn)
> ?
> Check the PHP manual ... mysqli_fetch_field()
> fetches column info, not data---which needs
> mysqli_fetch_row().

I have this:

$sql = "SELECT streamID FROM broadcast WHERE id=1";
if ($result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql)) {
$row = $result->fetch_assoc();
echo "row = ", $row;
37: $row = $result->mysqli_num_rows($conn);
echo "row2 = ", $row;
// $sql = 'SELECT id FROM broadcast WHERE streamID = E0ArubgkL9q2SCrXL';
// $stream = mysqli_query($conn,$sql);

if( !$row) {
$err = mysqli_error( $conn );
logerr( $err );
if( $debug ) echo "Error: $err<br>" };

Which returns this:

Connected Successfully
row = Array /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/php/getstreamID.php:37: Fatal Error: Call to undefined function mysqli_num_rows (I show line 37)

Perhaps I should have mentioned I am not a mysql or php programmer. I am a learn as I go kinda guy. I'd much rather struggle a little and if I can't fix my problem, seek help.

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