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Re: New Migration Article
Posted by: bob lambert
Date: July 09, 2004 10:18PM


I guess I am quite the newbie. I forked out >$1000 a couple years ago to buy MS Office XP developer, with the intent of building an Access based DB. I created a slick application in MS Access and was going to deploy it (redistribute). Actually have done that but, now thinking I would like to take it to the web instead. Everybody says get out of access. I read your article and appreciated it, but am still scratching my head a little. I have MS SQL Server 2000 w/ my developers toolkit (and admit I don't know what the heck good it is !). Why not use that and build a web site ? If I hope to have lots of concurrent users is that the reason to get out of MS-dom ? Also, I have tons of VB code behind my app and lots of nice forms/reports, and am wondering how much pain to turn them into ASP or something like that ? I use lots of access forms components (option group, text box, combo, list boxes, etc), and have even created my own calendar form. So I am concerned about the amount of work to convert all that stuff. Also, my app dumps output to printer or to MS Excel, so if I leave MS access will I lose that ability ? Couldn't I find an ISP that would provide an excel connection my users could dump output to, then save them to their local machines from the internet ? And of course the other obvious concern is speed. I already have split my db to a data back-end and code/form front end, but am not sure how using the internet and this split will work. Only experience I had was a DB that we used at work which was MS Access. Tried to run it over a lan w/ folks south of the border and it did not work well (very slow).

Could I get started (using friends as guinea pigs) by making my home pc the server that my users (very limited trial group to start) could essentially log into ?

I am afraid a little info is dangerous w/ me. I am trying to run and have not mastered walking yet. I have big ideas for my app. I know what I want, but not sure how to get there.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Lambert

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July 09, 2004 10:18PM
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