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Re: Split String
Posted by: George Enciu ()
Date: April 12, 2007 04:29AM

here is a sample



CREATE PROCEDURE `split`(input text, delim VARCHAR(10))

declare foundPos tinyint unsigned;
declare tmpTxt text;
declare delimLen tinyint unsigned;
declare element text;

drop temporary table if exists tmpValues;
create temporary table tmpValues
`values` text not null default ''
) engine = memory;

set delimLen = length(delim);
set tmpTxt = input;

set foundPos = instr(tmpTxt,delim);
while foundPos <> 0 do
set element = substring(tmpTxt, 1, foundPos-1);
set tmpTxt = replace(tmpTxt, concat(element,delim), '');

insert into tmpValues (`values`) values ( element);

set foundPos = instr(tmpTxt,delim);
end while;

if tmpTxt <> '' then
insert into tmpValues (`values`) values (tmpTxt);
end if;

select * from tmpValues;


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