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PVS-Studio Testing on SQLite Code and Related Issues
Posted by: Andrey Karpov
Date: August 18, 2019 11:02AM

Hello. I am one of the PVS-Studio analyzer developers. We are currently testing some of our latest diagnostics on various projects, including the SQLite code. Some new diagnostics issue warnings, but we aren't sure that these are errors. First of all, SQLite is a small, high-quality project. And secondly, the code is sometimes very complex and confusing for the analyzer (and a third-party person as well ;). That's why I don't want to jump to conclusions. It's interesting to know the opinion of SQLite developers.

I'll describe two cases below. Please, tell me, in which case it's a false positive and which one is relevant (contains an error).

Fragment N1. PVS-Studio warning: V1040 Possible typo in the spelling of a pre-defined macro name. The '__minux' macro is similar to '__linux'. shell.c 242


#if !defined(_WIN32) && !defined(WIN32) && !defined(__minux)

What's this magic "__minux"? May be authors wanted to write "__linux__"? Or it is correct and it's a special feature, isn't it?

Fragment N2. PVS-Studio warning: V1044 The diagnostic isn't named yet. sqlite3.c 49362

The code (I removed asserts not to distract from the main point)

static void pcache1EnforceMaxPage(PCache1 *pCache){
  PGroup *pGroup = pCache->pGroup;
  PgHdr1 *p;
  while( pGroup->nPurgeable>pGroup->nMaxPage
      && (p=pGroup->lru.pLruPrev)->isAnchor==0
    pcache1RemoveFromHash(p, 1);
  if( pCache->nPage==0 && pCache->pBulk ){
    pCache->pBulk = pCache->pFree = 0;

The analyzer suspects that there may be an infinity loop. Is that true? Reviewing this code, I tend to think that the analyzer is right, but I'm not sure, because the code is quite complex.

In the loop, only members of the 'PgHdr1' class, which the 'p' pointer points to, can change. The variable pGroup->nPurgeable>pGroup->nMaxPage in the loop cannot change, as there is no access to this variable via the 'p' pointer.

The only thing that can change is 'isAnchor'. But when I look into the called functions, I don't see the 'isAnchor' change anywhere. Is it really an error or do we (I and the analyzer) miss something?

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PVS-Studio Testing on SQLite Code and Related Issues
August 18, 2019 11:02AM
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