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Can't reopen temporary table in successive SELECTs in a FUNCTION
Posted by: Ondra Zizka
Date: May 10, 2008 06:49PM


I've found strange behavior of temporary table in a FUNCTION and I suspect it being a bug.

I have a temporary table, created outside the function.
Inside the function, I do a SELECT without alias.
Then I do a second SELECT on the same table, but with alias.
MySQL raises an error: Can't reopen table.

SELECT MAX(iSelectedOnwardStopOffset) INTO @iMax FROM mhd_nn_FormatDesiredOutput_traces;

SELECT GROUP_CONCAT( IF(traces.id_trace = iSelectedTrace, 1.0, 0.0) ORDER BY traces.pos SEPARATOR ',' ) INTO @saValTraces
FROM mhd_nn_FormatDesiredOutput_traces AS traces

If I add " AS traces" alias into the first SELECT, it works.

Is this behavior documented somewhere?
The only thing this resembles is the need to LOCK tables for all aliases of a table when SELECTing from LOCKed aliased tables.

Ondra Zizka

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