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Re: Trigger HelpPlease
Posted by: Peter Brawley
Date: July 07, 2015 10:26PM

The code suggests that the requirement is to copy `realtime` row inserts and updates to `airfields` if and only if realtime.squawk is between 6160 and <=6167 or 6171 and 6177, and realtime.altitude <= 4000. But the code shown doesn't do that; instead it ignores the current Insert or Update `realtime` column values, and instead executes a query on the rest of the`realtime` table.

If I understand your requirement correctly, the Insert Trigger needs to say something like ...

if (new.squawk between 6160 and 6167 or new.squawk between 6171 and 6177) and new.altitude <= 4000 then
  insert into airfields (col1,col2,squawk,altitude,...) (new.col1,newcol2,new.squawk,new.altitude,...);
end if;

substituting the real column names for col1, col2 etc.

The `realtime` Update Trigger needs to handle five distinct cases ...

(i) old row values match copy criteria, so do the new ones, and they're identical, so do nothing

(ii) old and new values match copy criteria but differ, so update the existing airfields row.

(iii) neither old nor new values match copy criteria, so do nothing

(iv) old row values match copy criteria but the new values do not, so delete the matching airfields row

(v) old row values do not match copy criteria but the new ones do, so insert the row into airfields

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