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Cannot Connect to Database on localhost unless connected to internet
Posted by: Go SoSo
Date: August 06, 2011 04:31AM

Guelphdad pls if u may..

i have win xp 2, and iis 5.1 .net 2, and all is set up properly(i think so).

am new to mysql and networking. i did successfully setup mysql server 5.5.15 and worked, also set the password for the three account available by default(root@localhost, root@ and anonymous ( ''@localhost)).

But i have an issue! to login either through mysqld or mysqladmin tools is NOT possible UNTILL i connect to the internet. Not even if i try with option

my etc\host has only one entry;- localhost

the entry --skipnetworking is completely absent in my.ini file, but i remember during setup i anabled remote access, though generally am working locally, i was nt sure if it will be needed, so i choose it anyway.

Trying to isolate incase it was mysql or OS problem, i ping localhost and then before and after connecting to internet. Before the result is the same 32byte bra bra bra....

But once connected <ping localhost> returns 'REPLY FROM ::1: TIME \1MS'
and <ping> returns same result as before connection.

Can u figure out what is happening here, and what i can do to be able to use mysql without internet on??

my thinking; whoever is responsible for the localhost(something...iis or..something..DNS...i dont know), assumes control by default as long as another ip is NOT availabe; in this case seems once im connected the ::1: automatically anables the default "OWNER" of the localhost to free it hence mysql is able to connect.
OR what is happening here???
i also cannot connect mysql through the php by calling mysql_connect(), with or without the internet connection, the error is the same as the one before internet connection. ERROR 2003 mysql cannot connect to localhost <10061> or
ERROR 2003 mysql cannot connect to <10061>..

mysql and mysqli extension are uncommented in php.ini, the dlls also seem set up properly. Could this be connected to above???

there's a folder in php with MIBS I DONT KNOW if they are need by extensions or something....what are they for?


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