Re: Characters not getting stored
Posted by: Rick James
Date: April 04, 2013 07:48PM

I think the clue is here:

> I'm entering the letters from a german keyboard under Windows 7

Let's approach it in two ways.

Approach 1: What tool are typing the letters into? cmd? Notepad? WordPad? Word? Browser UI? Other? (My goal here is to blame that tool.)

Approach 2: Try this:
1. go to cmd
2. run the mysql commandline tool
3. Run this select:
SELECT 'ß', HEX('ß');
If the output's first column is not the sharp-s, then your input and output are inconsistent.
If the second column is 'DF', you are using latin1 or cp850 input. That means you should be using SET NAMES latin1;, which sets three of the CHARACTER* variables to latin1.
If you get C39F, the that is correct utf8, and the mystery continues.

> for 'Forlì': 'Forl', 466F726C, 4, 4.
> for Förlìßen: 'F', 46, 1, 1.
Those merely point out that the data was truncated at the bad (probably latin1) character during input.

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