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Re: Huge Dataset (perhaps?) made for Range Partitioning (Long)
Posted by: JinNo Kim
Date: September 22, 2005 04:16PM

Mikael Ronstrom wrote:
> Hi,
> It certainly sounds like an application suitable
> for partitioning.
> I presume you could do something like this
> LIST(DAYOFYEAR(C)+(YEAR(C)-2005)*366)
> Assuming that you want to start with the 121st day
> of the year.
> Then each new day you add a new partition with
> IN (121+day_number));
> Naturally range partitioning could be used as well
> and one can choose whether one wants
> daily partitions, weekly partitions or any other
> distance between them.
> The current 5.1 version has this syntax but the
> optimised version of this is still a few weeks
> away so don't try it on the really large tables
> yet.
> From looking at the table I get a few questions:
> 1) How important is the primary key. To be able to
> ensure primary key constraints it is
> necessary that the field used in the partition
> function is part of the primary key. Otherwise
> one essentially needs to check in each partition
> for uniqueness which gets a bit buurdensome
> when you have hundreds of partitions.
> So could the primary key be (A, C) instead
> assuming that C is used for the partition
> function.
> Rgrds Mikael

Thanks for the response, I'm hoping we'll be able to provide some
useful feedback to the community and a lab to test some aspects of
partitioning with a large dataset.

The primary key was originally only going to used to uniquely identify
rows in the 1 giant table for quick reference when we had identified a
transaction of interest thorugh other queries. It's no longer unique
across the daily MyISAM tables and I've been considering dropping it
to reclaim the 8 bytes/row.

One of the members of my team spent part of yesterday loading
another smaller server. We intend to attempt a build of 5.1 on it so
we'll be able to test any of the "what if scenarios" with a subset of the
existing tables. The new server only has (2) 146G disks, so we
striped them, giving about 200G for the DB which should allow us to
get a reasonably large dataset to play with.

I will drop 'A' on the tables created on the test server. It seemed
like a good idea at the time, but we are no longer able to use it and
it may impede progress. Would it be better to wait a bit before
starting or is the partitioning code ready to start experimenting
with say 500 million rows or so?

Thanks again,


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