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Re: MySQL Query Browser -- Updating entries
Posted by: Neil Jackson
Date: August 27, 2004 08:36AM

I've found MySQL Query Browser to be a godsend - despite being a rather clunky alpha version with various hiccups. It SHOULD cope with a standard SQL 'UPDATE mydb.mytable SET thisfield = thatdata WHERE thisfield = theolddata;' style queries. I use it for that all the time.

Sometimes, though, if it's a very big DB, and there's a lot of updating to be done, I've noticed it can take a while. But in those circumstances, I've found I can 'keep an eye' on the status of the query using MySQL Administrator - and it'll give me a clue that at least the query is still running, and the socket hasn't been lost.

However, if you meant 'update a field' in the sense of changing the table schema, this IS also possible via Query Browser. Just right-click on the table, choose Edit Table, and you can make various changes to things like field-length, datatypes, adding columns, deleting them, dropping tables, making new ones, etc. It's pretty handy. It generates the appropriate SQL query necessary to do the job (so obviously the user-account you're connecting with thru Query Browser needs the necessary permissions), and you just 'OK' it, and it's done in a few moments.

Perhaps if you're not getting that going, maybe your install of MySQL is damaged or incorrectly configured in some way? Or again, perhaps it's a permissions issue?

I kind of agree with Brian, re his "learn the console, Luke" message ;) It is always worthwhile understanding what's going on under the hood. But I've gotta say, to me, knowing all that I did about MSAccess's ropiness and head-bangery, it's still a step backwards to have to use a CLI to run my database. I LIKE being able to have lazy pre-saved queries that I can bang up by clicking on a button and display in a decent, non-ASCII, scrollable GUI window. Especially if they are queries I have to do repeatedly (sometimes days apart) and can't actually be bothered to remember the precise nuances of the SQL I need.

Moreover, how does one use a CLI on MySQL when the database is across a LAN in a different room? I've tried telnetting to TCP3306 and got kicked off, and although I can use Remote Desktop to run the CLI 'locally' on the server, it's a big overhead, for just a couple of queries.

Sure, Query Browser goes some of the way there in solving these problems - and it's only an alpha version, so I shan't knock it. It's already a lifesaver, and I don't think I'd really have the patience to stick with MySQL without it - but boy-o-boy, will I be happy when it's complete! :)

I still haven't worked out whether Query Browser's 'build a query with the cursor' technology is meant to work or not! It looks like it should, but whether mine's a buggy install, or whether it's not fully implemented yet, I don't know. And I can't find a shred of QB help anywhere yet!

Still - from little acorns, and all that...

Hope you managed to crack your problem, Jim

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Re: MySQL Query Browser -- Updating entries
August 27, 2004 08:36AM

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