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Tree subtreewalk optimice
Posted by: Jonas Fischer
Date: July 14, 2011 08:16AM

So I have the following Problem:
I’m building a mysql based file system and I want to make it a fast one - (because it´s my second that’s the reason why I wrote a new one).

What I want to do is I want to know all the folders contained in a folder and for eatch folder found on this way again the folders this one contains and so on.

i have one table gives for the files (and folders), which contains: id, name, type(1=folder, 2=file), path (connection to a id of a folder), ...

Then I have another table witch only contains folders (the id in this table is always equal with the id of the folder in the other table, it´s connected to), here I save additional data (you do not need to know more about that).

So a unperformant solution would be that (PHP):

function getFoldersInFolder ( $folder_id, $results = array() ) {
$q = mysql_query('SELECT if_id FROM wosifile WHERE if_typ=1 AND if_path='.$folder_id);

while($o = mysql_fetch_result($q)) {
array_push($results, $o->if_id);
$results = getFoldersInFolder($o->if_id, $results);

return $results;

// 2 is just a example
getFoldersInFolder( 2 ) );

Another unperformant way would be (short form, some things had been removed):

// "/test" is just a example
$folder_path = '/test';

$q = mysql_query('SELECT ii_id FROM wosidir WHERE ii_strpath LIKE "'.addslashes($folder_path).'%"');
$results = array();

while($o = mysql_fetch_result($q)) {
array_push($results, $o->if_id);


So my question:
Is there any way to do this in mysql without using strings (second example) AND
without using many queries AND
without changing my databases??

Im looking forward to reading your answer!

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Tree subtreewalk optimice
July 14, 2011 08:16AM

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