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Re: Join Query Performance Problme
Posted by: johne doe
Date: February 03, 2012 12:29AM

Hi Irek,

Thanks again for your reply.

Why is a cross join being used? That would explain the output of the EXPLAIN command although I thought it was using an inner join when the ON / WHERE conditions were added to it?

Maybe I am confused at how to use the join properly in this instance. I'll explain exactly what I want todo and hopefully you can tell me the correct way todo it.

All I am looking todo is combine the stock data in each of the 4 tables for the given dates. There should only be ~6000 results in total when the join is performed (when it eventually returns it has this many).

To achieve this not using the sql join what i do is as follows.
Load   all   stockssymbols                              ~6000 rows
Load   part  fastocksdata    where loadedTime   = ?     ~6000
Load   part  pricerelated    where loadedTimeTA = ?     ~6000
Load   part  indicators      where loadedTimeTA = ?     ~6000

so now i have four result sets in memory with 6000 rows each (~5MB).
I then simply combine these results together based on the stocksymbol column which is unique in each resultset. That gives me a combined total of ~6000 rows.

This all works in milliseconds.

Do i need to do four separate queries and then join the results of them together in sql somehow or is my join syntax all wrong considering it is using a cross join?

Thanks again,

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