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Why multi-valued index is not in possible keys in a dependent subquery
Posted by: ELON ZHOU
Date: February 02, 2023 10:01PM

-- DDL
create table scholardata_journal
id int auto_increment primary key,
sci_if double null,
issn_list json default (_utf8mb4'[]') not null

create index issn_list_multi_value_index
on journal ((cast(`issn_list` as char(15) array)));

create table userlibrary_biblio
id int auto_increment primary key,
user_id int NOT NULL,
issn varchar(50) not null,

constraint userlibrary_biblio_user_id_ecab5d00_fk_auth_user_id
foreign key (user_id) references ivy.auth_user (id)

-- SELECT in subquery
select id,
IF(userlibrary_biblio.issn = '', null, (select sci_if
from scholardata_journal
where userlibrary_biblio.issn member of(scholardata_journal.issn_list)
limit 1))
) as sci_if
from userlibrary_biblio where user_id = 28;

Explain result:

-> Index lookup on userlibrary_biblio using userlibrary_biblio_user_id_ecab5d00_fk_auth_user_id (user_id=28) (cost=260.78 rows=254) (actual time=0.098..1.185 rows=254 loops=1)
-> Select #2 (subquery in projection; dependent)
-> Limit: 1 row(s) (cost=5875.65 rows=1) (actual time=19.485..19.486 rows=1 loops=84)
-> Filter: userlibrary_biblio.issn member of (scholardata_journal.issn_list) (cost=5875.65 rows=56274) (actual time=19.485..19.485 rows=1 loops=84)
-> Table scan on scholardata_journal (cost=5875.65 rows=56274) (actual time=0.005..13.855 rows=22979 loops=84)

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Why multi-valued index is not in possible keys in a dependent subquery
February 02, 2023 10:01PM

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