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0.6.0 coming up, trunk is looking for testers
Posted by: Jan Kneschke
Date: July 13, 2007 01:23PM

Over the next days a 0.6.0 will come out. It implements the hooks for lua-land to access each state of the communication and adds a whole new set of examples to get an idea how it works and how you can use it.

Connection pooling is in and needs some lua-scripting. Basicly we have to ignore the COM_QUIT packet in lua-land and not forward it to the server. Otherwise it will close the connection :)

Still not in is read|write splitting. But we are pretty close. Before I can add this I would like to hear that the current code works.

Please give the current svn code a test-run and report everything you find.

0.6.0 -

* added --no-daemon and --pid-file
* added --no-proxy to disable the proxy
* added testcases
* added support for proxy.response.packets
* added hooks for read_auth(), read_handshake() and read_auth_result()
* added support in read_query_result() to overwrite the result-set
* added connection pooling

* fixed decoding of len-encoded ints for 3-byte notation
* fixed check for glib2 to require at least 2.6.0
* fixed mem-leak with proxy.response.* is used
* fixed handling of (SQL) NULL in result-sets
* fixed inj.resultset.affected_rows on SELECT queries
* fixed len-encoding on proxy.resulsets
* fixed assertion when all backends are down and we try to connect
* fixed assertion when connection to the MySQL 6.0.1
* fixed crash if proxy.connection is used in connect_server()
* fixed connection-stalling if read_query_result() throws an assert()ion
* fixed assertion at COM_SHUTDOWN (#29719)
* fixed assertion at login with empty password + empty default db (#29719)
* fixed assertion on result-packets like
[ field-len | fields | EOF | ERR ] (#29732)
* fixed compilation on win32
* fixed assertion on COM_BINLOG_DUMP (#29764)

Jan Kneschke, MySQL Enterprise Tools

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0.6.0 coming up, trunk is looking for testers
July 13, 2007 01:23PM

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