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Re: Selecting backend based on the user connecting
Posted by: Jesper Juhl
Date: August 13, 2007 05:29AM

Well, it seems to me that having shared mysql auth table compared to just having the proxy do the initial auth request and then assign server based on result could lead to a lot of different trouble.

- Whenever a new user is created it needs to be created on all backend servers instead of just the one holding the users database.

- Tools that connect to the DB servers and modify user accounts now need to be taught to do this on multiple servers (for example; our billing system connects to the db servers and disable user accounts if a customer has not paid his bills - and that's just one of many tools).

- Then there's the issue of the shared auth table growing very large on every db server. Not a problem for people with just a few hundred users, but potentially an issue with installations that have several orders of magnitude more users.

- New users are created all the time, existing users are modified, users are deleted etc etc. I would prefer to not have all the traffic associated with that hit all my db servers - which it would need if account details were to be updated everywhere.

- If I simply put the auth table at a shared location wouldn't it get corrupted pretty fast if several servers were operating on that shared file simultaniously?

If I can simply let all my existing apps connect to the proxy, let the proxy get the auth info and then send that session to the right backend server, then I can leave most of my existing infrastructure alone. All I have to do is split the users on several physical backend servers and each backend server is simple and self contained.

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